Houses for sale in Rosemont: various dwellings

Rosemont is a growing neighborhood where its population can find both safety and dynamism. Being the top 3 most populous neighborhood in Montreal, Rosemont has several small lively villages synonymous with good living. Increasingly coveted, the Rosemont neighbohood has several types of housing: single-family homes, plexes and new condos. When selling your property in an increasingly popular neighborhood, you must take this opportunity to highlight all the assets of Rosemont in order to get the best price from buyers. With over 17 years of experience in the field, Roger Hughes is a real estate broker in Rosemont with in-depth knowledge on this industry, so he can help you sell your property with efficiency and professionalism. Entrust your property to an expert for a prompt and efficient sale!

An established reputation, one property at a time

Rosemont, the mixed-use neighbourhood of Montreal

The Rosemont neighborhood is broken down into several small urban villages, each one with its own characteristics and attractions: Little-Italy, New Rosemont, Old Rosemont, Promenade Masson, Angus, Petite-Patrie, Cité-Jardin or Molson Park.

The Rosemont neighborhood is undergoing full transformation through new restaurants, bars and shops, which makes its an even more lively area. Rosemont also has a very attractive cultural entity, we can think of the Beaubien cinema and the Botanical Garden. Increasingly trendy, this neighborhood is comparable to the popularity of the Plateau-Mont-Royal and the Mile-End.

The Rosemont neighborhood offers a varied collection of properties, including single-family homes, plexes, condos and townhouses.

If you are looking for a safe, innovative and lively neighborhood, you will find happiness in Rosemont!

Roger Hughes, get help from an expert and make a successful sale!

With over 17 years of experience in the real estate sector and living in Montreal since 1967, Roger Hughes is a rainmaker well-versed in the industry with proven expertise in the sale of properties. Selling houses at 97.3% of the asking price, he is a skillful professional, eager to meet your expectations, and he has passion for his job. When you work with him you know you’re in good hands! This real estate broker in Rosemont will be able to help you at every stage of the sales process: from its marketing to the signing of the notarial deed through the home staging of your property.

Roger Hughes’ objective is to find you reliable buyers, to negotiate the best price according to the value of your property and the real estate market in Rosemont and to ensure the most advantageous sales terms. By providing useful advice and by being present throughout all stages of the sales process, Roger Hughes is your best ally who can help you close a successful sale. Calling on an experienced professional will make all the difference!

Roger Hughes is also very knowledgeable about selling homes in the following neighbourhoods: Mile-End, Plateau-Mont-Royal, Outremont and Villeray.  

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