Sell your home in the Plateau-Mont-Royal

A very trendy neighborhood of Montreal, the Plateau-Mont-Royal is appreciated for its restaurants, its green alleys and its houses with colorful staircases. The houses for sale in the Plateau-Mont-Royal are located in a lively neighborhood with the highest population density in Montreal. Roger Hughes is a real estate broker in the Plateau-Mont-Royal affiliated with Re/Max who will help you sell your property to buyers who wants to live in a neighborhood that is both lively and peaceful. Available and experienced, Roger Hughes, real estate broker in the Plateau-Mont-Royal, will guide you to the right buyers, while selling at 97.3% of the asking price!

An established reputation, one property at a time

Plateau-Mont-Royal, the trendy district of Montreal

Are you looking to sell your home in the Plateau-Mont-Royal? Your property is certainly very attractive on the real estate market! The Plateau-Mont-Royal is a neighborhood that has gained many fans over the years. Whether it’s for its large green spaces, its European lifestyle, its lively and friendly neighborhood life, or for its architectural heritage, the Plateau-Mont-Royal has a unique charm.

Very young neighbourhood, the majority of the inhabitants are under 35 years old! French-speakers’ favorite borough, Plateau-Mont-Royal welcomes many expatriates who find their feet very quickly here. Through restaurants, bars, cafes to small shops, a stroll in the Plateau-Mont-Royal can’t be boring. Moreover, the area is close to public transport, and access downtown very quickly.

The Plateau-Mont-Royal houses are easily recognizable by their wrought iron and spiral staircases, their Victorian architecture and their facade in original colors. All these characteristics make the architecture of the houses in the Plateau-Mont-Royal very uncommon!

You got it: living in the Plateau-Mont-Royal is an excellent choice!

Roger Hughes, your best partner to sell your home in the Plateau-Mont-Royal

When you own a property in a neighborhood as attractive as the Plateau-Mont-Royal, you must bring out the best of your house or apartment when selling it.

Roger Hughes is an expert of the real estate market in the Plateau-Mont-Royal. Come take advantage of his expertise to make a quick sale at the best price under the best terms. From the enhancement of your property to the signing of the notarial deed and visits, Roger Hughes is a real estate agent on the Plateau-Mont-Royal with only one goal in mind: to help you make a winning sale!

With over 17 years of experience and living in Montreal since 1967, Roger Hughes will be the best advisor at your side to help you sell your home in the Plateau-Mont-Royal.

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