Selling your home with a real estate broker: a winning strategy!

Do you want to sell your home in Montreal quickly and at the price you expect? Using the services of a real estate broker to sell your home is a great way to obtain the support and advice that will help you make the right decisions during this complex process. In this way, you guarantee yourself a winning sale through a secure real estate transaction. Roger Hughes is a Montreal real estate broker who helps you sell your home more easily thanks to his sound advice and his in-depth legal and financial knowledge. Retaining the service of a real estate broker during the home selling process is a winning strategy, find out why!

An established reputation, one property at a time

Benefits of working with a Re/Max real estate broker to sell your home

Re/Max is the top 1 real estate agency in Quebec and in the world! With a house sold every two minutes, Re/Max proved itself on the Montreal real estate market. Roger Hughes, a Montreal Re/Max real estate broker, provides you with optimal protection during your home selling process, including:

The signing of a Brokerage Contract issued by the OACIQ in order to protect you under the Real Estate Brokerage Act: a commitment between you and your broker, whether it be in setting a realistic selling price, in respecting your obligations as a broker and as a buyer or in paying the commissions owed to the broker.

The seller’s declaration on the condition of your property in the “Declaration of the Seller” form: with the help of the real estate broker, you fill out a document by providing exhaustive information on your property (year of construction, condition of the roof, water ingress, etc.). This protects you from the risk of lawsuits following the sale of your property.

Legal assistance : The Tranquilli-T RE/MAX program allows you to benefit from free legal assistance for any legal issue related to your real estate transaction or to your property during its selling process. In the event of the buyer’s withdrawal, the buyer’s death or hidden defects, the legal protection of Re/Max guarantees you peace of mind.

By calling on a Re/Max real estate broker to sell your home, you enhance your chance of selling your property under the most favorable terms and at a reasonable price. Each real estate broker has a network of contacts, in-depth knowledge of the market and of the administrative aspects of the transactions, as well as a strong negotiating power.

The main steps to selling a home

Roger Hughes help you throughout your sales process: from marketing to the final signing of the notarial deed. He therefore assists you in all of the following essential steps:

Listing of your property:

Roger Hughes assists you in the listing of your property according to your needs, your ideal price and your deadlines.

  • Prior assessment of the condition of your property
  • Home pricing
  • Signature of the brokerage contract
  • Preparation of your paperworks
  • Photos took onsite
  • Advertising and posting on real estate listings

Home staging of your property :
The first impression is very important when a buyer first enters your property. Enticing the potential buyers is necessary, you want them to see themselves living in this space. This is why Roger Hughes offers a home staging service, if necessary, to enhance the property by creating neutral environnements in order to better impress potential buyers, to trigger purchase offers and above all to obtain a better selling price. Moreover, Roger Hughes even advances the funds for your home staging!

Search for potential buyers and assistance during visits :
Thanks to his network of contacts, Roger Hughes knows potential buyers for your property. Moreover, he makes sure that the buyers are serious so that you can save time and, above all, get decent purchase offer. Roger Hughes makes sure to be at each of your visits to represent your interests.

The sale of your property :
Roger Hughes is by your side, from the purchase offer until the signing of the notarial deed, to ensure that you have close the sale at a desired price and under favorable terms.