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An area with a lot of green spaces, the Outremont neighborhood is very popular for its parks, large trees and private gardens. Homes for sale in Outremont are located in a peaceful neighborhood, where wealthy families get together. For over 17 years, Roger Hughes has been helping Outremont residents sell their homes to start new life projects. As a real estate broker in Outremont, Roger Hughes is an expert of the real estate market in this neighborhood and can provide you with priceless tips on how to better sell your property. For a personalized service and recognized expertise in the field, entrust the sale of your home in Outremont to Roger Hughes!

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Outremont, the peaceful district of Montreal

A very upmarket area it is, the Outremont district is a neighborhood that welcomes many families, students and professionals from liberal professions. The population is mainly French-speaking, and there is a large Hasidic Jewish community here. Outremont is a very quiet neighborhood where many green spaces decorate the area. If you are looking for entertainment, you can go to the more dynamic main streets such as Bernard, Van Horne and Laurier West streets, on which you will find restaurants, café terraces and shops.

Outremont homes stand out with their very luxurious small castles-like appearance, while other more modest properties are part of the Outremont landscape. The dwellings have kept its traditional architecture.

If you are looking for a quiet, family-friendly, French-speaking, green and upmarket neighborhood, Outremont is the best option!

Roger Hughes, the real estate broker in Outremont, will sell your house at the best price!

Would you like to sell your house located in the heart of Outremont soon? You definitely own a high-value property on the real estate market. In order to make a sale at the best price to serious and reliable buyers, you can be assisted by an experienced professional : Roger Hughes. Real estate broker in Outremont for over 17 years, Roger Hughes knows well all the characteristics of the neighborhood, and most importantly, he can provide you with helpful advice on how to better sell your house in Outremont.

Roger Hughes takes care of everything : home appraisal, pricing, preparation of the sale, home staging, publication of your home, search for buyers, visits, negotiation, signing of the notarial deed, and much more! Roger Hughes will help you make a good sale as quickly as possible while meeting the standards of the real estate market.

As an outstanding advisor, Roger Hughes is a trusted and experienced real estate broker in Outremont, available to help you, and above all, to ensure you great sales terms.

So what are you waiting for? Entrust the sale of your house in Outremont to Roger Hughes.

Roger Hughes also has extensive knowledge of the real estate market in the Mile-End, in the Plateau-Mont-Royal, in Villeray and in Rosemont.

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